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It all started with a baby…

…a gift for a new baby in the family! The Alphabet Art Boxed Set is a set of English alphabet tiles to decorate a child’s bedroom plus a book of poems. Arapū Toi is a Te Reo Māori alphbaet wall frieze plus a book of poems!

Since 2002 Alphabet Art has adorned the walls of thousands of children's bedrooms, and so too, thousands of children know a butterfly as a fluttering rainbow...

...feel the underground rumbling, scary exciting, mountain on fire...

...and asks an ancient elephant, can I be your friend? 

You know how you knew every inch of your bedroom when you were a child? Do you want your child to be soaking in the beauty of the world from these 26 inspiring images?  When your little one tells you the zip unzips the earth from the sky, or when they run inside to tell you that their heart is pumping, or names a family member as a secret rose picker, you know you are doing great work for their language comprehension and imagination.

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Reading and learning the Basically Different Alphabet Art poems enhances phonic and comprehension literacy and works in well with early childhood education.  Use the Alphabet Art poetry as a basis for your own bedtime stories, paint your own pictures for each of the poems or use the pictures from the book like flashcards, complimenting the tiles hung around the walls.  How you enjoy this alphabet set is up to you. One thing we know for sure, because we have been told for over 15 years now - you will love it! 

A unique gift for preschool toddler's to help teach abc's, nurture the imagination, and enjoy for fun activities.

an 'off the wall' way to nourish a young mind

Alphabet Art, a set of 26 individual prints to hang in a child's bedroom or nursery comes with a delightful book of poems for bedtime reading. Each 'square' (one for each letter of the English alphabet) has been reproduced from original oil paintings by Kāpiti artist, Austin Whincup. The original illustrations were painted on ice-cream container lids as a gift from Austin to his newborn nephew. Inspired by the images, Wellington poet and playwright Moira Wairama responded to the paintings by writing a short poem using word play for each of the letters, developing 26 rich stories, expanding the thinking-realm already stimulated by the unique artwork.  

Packaged as a set, the alphabet squares and the book of poems make a wonderful gift for child and parent alike. Alphabet Art is the first product launched under the Basically Different imprint.