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A Great Idea

Basically Different Alphabet Alive/26 Stories (as distinct from Alphabet Art), is for consumers of early childhood educational television and apps and is one of several avenues being explored as a part of a growth strategy for Basically Different. We are currently producing a pitch video for MIPJunior 2017: The world's showcase for kids programming.


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Feels right.

Basically Different Alphabet Art retains loyal followers and is still quietly attracting new customers after over 15 years doing not much at all.  It feels right, that this consistent and proven brand embraces its growth potential. The scope for new physical product is exciting enough, yet Basically Different Alphabet Alive--which is a visual arts bonanza, a literary treasure trove, and a musical and movement gold-mine, delivering online and in the real world, and good for children and caregivers-- is phenomenal, and will take the Basically Different brand to the world.

Contact Tina Larsen on or phone 027 4480038 to discuss our growth trajectory and how you might also benefit.